Atención al cliente / Customer support
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Q?Why choosing VLC OVENS?

Good question. Maybe for the reliability and robustness of our ovens, made in great thickness stainless steel.
Or perhaps for the amazing energy saving in all our models.
Or even for the wide variety of ovens. We can fabricate practically any size according to the customer’s requirements.

Q?What about after-sale service?

Don’t worry about anything. That is why we are here.
Technical service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Q?I am interested in machines, what do you offer me?

We sell all kind of machines for bakery, pastry, confectionery and biscuits.
Kneading machine, Twin Arms Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Group for bread-making, Divider, Rounder, Proofer, Moulder, Planetary Mixer, Dough Sheeter, Bread Slicer, work table, water cooling tank, Refrigerated work table… we have absolutely everything.
You only have to ask.

Q?I have some doubts about my workplace, can you help me?

Of course.
In VLC OVENS we take care of you. We study the possibilities of your workplace, we hear you, analyse the situation and advise you.
We are here for that.

Q?Do you have second hand machines?

Yes. Ovens and machines retired from our clients.
After that we check them, replace the pieces that are not in optimal condition, clean and get everything ready.
Also we have some opportunities from trade fairs and other promotions.
Ask us!

Q?I have been searching in the specs and there is no oven suitable for the available space in my workplace. Can you do something?

Or course!
Do you need more levels for the racks? Or maybe you use a non-standard tray?
No problem. In VLC OVENS we custom-manufacture.